A opening story for Charmaine

Hi Charmaine,

The apple of my eye, you are the gift given to Mommy.  Born in 22 November 2008, exactly at 19.00 pm at Siloam Hospital Kebun Jeruk Jakarta by dr. Stephen Mandang.

All the tears, all the pain blown away with your voice breaking through the night.

Nothing is wished at that time… only a pray wish that we could raise you, we could guard you into this world.

Though it’s one year now,  a little flash back will make Mommy feels how lucky I am to be trusted by God to raise you…

Charmaine means praise, worship, a song to sing and with that meaning, Mommy hopes that Charmaine will praise, worship, and sing a song to Lord Jesus everyday..

Let’s let the story begin……

2 days old

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