Eat, Pray, Love (part 1)


Sipping a cup or real expresso or cappucino that I wont forget how great the taste and smell are 

La Casa D'Oro Cafe-Rome, Italy


 Getting spoiled by tempting gelato all along the road 

Along the way of Rome, Firenze, and Venice


Then feed your hunger with the real Italy Pasta with the parmesan cheese being scooped to you without being asked 

Pasta is all around the city


Trust me, you’ll miss Nasi Padang badly eventhough how tempting these pictures are 

One menu in Tapas - Barcelona, Spain


Prepare yourself for the bill coming 

For 2 slices of cakes (almost IDR 100 K)


No matter how, I’ll still love Asia country 

Eating Peking duck number 100,000,000


The original Wu Daniang Dumpling- Shanghai, China


 No matter who serve it, a young beautiful lady 

Food Stall in Jiu Fen, Taiwan


or even an A-ma 🙂 

Dan Dan Noodles-Taipei, Taiwan


I would have missed the Indonesia original taste 

Bebek Bengil, Bali


Eating with the most convenient style – by hand 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love (part 1)

  1. Wah, random nih postingan gambar-gambarnya dari berbagai tempat ya ? Benernya tiap tiap area itu ada yang bikin gue kangen sih. Misalnya, di Indo gue belum nemu Mexican food yang bener-bener enak. Sementara kalo di US, ya bener kangen masakan Padang. Kayaknya manusia emang gak ada puasnya 😛

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